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friends in low places

It hasn’t even really been a week and I’m already late to the party.

The party may be on the same level as a seventh grade dance at the local convent but none the less here are my views on the latest Internet craze.

In about a week, Rebecca Black has gone from some pimple popping teenage girl infected with Bieber fever to some pimple popping teenage girl infected with Bieber fever and a YouTube video with 58 million views and counting.

In case you haven’t seen the pubescent songstress’s work, consider yourself lucky.

She does deserve much of the criticism but there is the line. Wishing her to develop an eating disorder equals the line.

What has the girl done? Aside from making a terribly annoying song that will haunt you in your sleep?

On the surface, she damned us to an endless sentence of her vocal lesson on the days of the week. Deeper than that, she made an investment with  an unforeseen return rate to make Donald Trump envious.

With a check  to ARK Productions for a couple grand they produced a video that has been the topic of conversation on every radio morning show, Johnny Carson inspired time slot and office cooler from Atlanta to Seattle. More importantly she proved the power of viral videos and that reaching people isn’t always done with super bowl commercials and million-dollar budgets.

Hate all you want, but a million bucks in iTunes sales isn’t bad for a girl without a learner’s permit.

She also opened the door for parodies. While these parodies can be produced by any nit wit with access to a MacBook, some talented few are turning the heroin esque song into a tolerable three minutes.

This isn’t Mitch, Davis, Taylor or Weston’s first rodeo on the video sharing giant but it is a trash to treasure story this time.

Their covers are typically of songs I already enjoy such as The Dance, No Diggity and My Girl/Ignition/My Humps but making Friday enjoyable is an accomplishment worthy of storming the court.

At first, I thought I would hate Rebecca Black forever, but I guess if her “song” can get my friends some well-deserved attention then I am fine with it all. I just better not see some clip of Gundy’s phone going off during a press conference with Rebecca Black as his ringtone.

If you like their stuff, which I am sure you will, here is their channel.


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a man to remember. a legacy to learn from.

Ten minutes in my room and a couple of my obsessions will easily catch your eye. In no particular order relevant to preference: Washington Nationals, Ralph Lauren, Phi Kappa Tau, Entourage and John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Each of these interests developed over time and my taking a liking to the legacy of our 35th president was no exception.

What started out as a fascination in middle school has evolved into a full-blown addiction. For context purposes, I am not yet to the point of utilizing an online soundboard to create a personalized Kennedy voicemail but I wouldn’t feel right if my vintage JFK portrait wasn’t hanging in my room.

Although I initially fell in love with his iconic image, it was his ability to maintain that image that challenged me.

I may be a bit naïve on occasion, but I have never thought of Kennedy as a walking saint among mere mortals, because frankly he wasn’t. As much as it pains me to admit, the man was flawed.

Based purely on assumptions, the man loved being in other women’s beds just as much as he did being on his boat. Which he cared about more is not the issue here, but which the press covered more is.

Maybe it was a certain respect for his office or that the media developed a man crush on him, but his affairs and other not so honorable acts would definitely garner different exposure in this century.

It would be plain ignorant to call the man “under the radar” but in that culture many of his actions were just that.

Kennedy wouldn’t have survived with a golden boy image in the age of social media. Don’t believe me? Do a little searching yourself.

Keep in mind that before the dawn of the Internet the Kennedy legacy had built up a reserve of respect that could make a Purple Heart recipient jealous.

Go to YouTube. Search “Kennedy.” Search “Bush.”

The four initial videos for “Kennedy” are related to his death and prowess as an orator.

The same doesn’t go for “Bush.” A total of three music videos and a compilation of  W’s famous mistakes tops the list.

Social media would have caused Kennedy a headache that no aspirin nor press secretary could make go away.

The fact is, if acting as Commander in Chief now Kennedy would not survive one week of viral assaults. Fortunately, his legacy is a different story.


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