back on the wagon

Taking a 2000 level class as a 22-year-old is one thing when the class is filled with a diverse mix of 200 something Oklahoma State students. Its another thing when that class is required for the major and consists of about 20 primarily freshmen and sophomores.

I am 22 not 55 but its weird when your peers are referencing classes from the previous semester and it has been 3 years since you took ’em. I’d say there is a tad bit of shame that I didn’t get these classes taken care of earlier on. That shame quickly disappears anytime I think about being 21 in Vegas last summer.

This may seem hateful but its not. Just observing an honest difference.

A lot of electronic communication was a refresher either from collegiate courses or high school undertakings so a lot of it wasn’t new to me with the exception of Adobe Fireworks.

Instead of necessarily learning something new, what I took away was an important reminder. Practice makes perfect.

Ok, you hear it a million times but until the age-old cliche is applied it doesn’t mean anything.

Just because I had experience with iMovie as a junior in high school doesn’t mean it translates as a junior in college. Aside from Fireworks none of it was new exposure but opening up iMovie for the first time in years made me feel like the black sheep of the E*TRADE baby’s family.

You learn quickly in Stillwater that letterman jackets have as much of a place in your daily wardrobe as a a cap and gown. Guess, same goes for high school experience unless you have furthered it since.


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