Not that I am ever in admiration of someone else’s work but…

there are three portfolio website I have happened upon that are deserving of admiration.

1) CreativeFeed

This B2B branding firm is “the bridge between Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue.” The site is simple and more importantly has direct focus. The portfolio is attractively embeded but instead of within the first page it is down the line and the company’s role is center stage. The work is pointless until they establish its purpose and thats exactly what is done.

2) Jason Siefe

The color scheme bothers me but in fairness I have been conditioned to accept nothing less than orange to be paired with black. The layout works though. A short bio compliments the oversized thumbnails, which displays a diverse body of work. First impressions are crucial and this one has the visitor craving for more.

3) Maurice Krijtenberg

A picture may be worth a 1,000 words but even without his work on initial display this photographer is sending a message. His homepage is creative and is a testament to his work being founded in design as well as photography. It sets a tone for his site and body work with the concept he offers first.

Once again the focus is more than just the photography. Although it is still clean the design works well with the photography and consistency is continued with his upper body presence preserved throughout the site. He could focus on nothing more than the photos. He could.

The he would blend in like everyone else.


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