open doors

The Internet is an enabler.

Why pay for cable? You can just stream Netflix or Hulu.

Why subscribe to a newspaper? You can scan every major headline plus watch Charlie Sheen’s newest tiger blood rant quicker than it takes to wrap up in a robe and pick up the Sunday paper.

Why buy an actual cd? You can download every song on the Billboard Top 100 without even knowing where your credit card is.

The Internet is an enabler.

Why confine yourself to the cinematic restrictions of the local video store shelves? You can buy movies and never struggle with the plastic packaging again.

Why limit yourself to the bias of a single morning paper. You can justify your one-sided views with articles from dailies across the nation.

Why listen to some over played MTV hit? You can discover a new artist before they are the hit.

Although the Internet has its flaws, there is a silver lining. Thanks to the Internet and blogs like dumbrasontherock, rapradar, goodmusicallday and the maskedguerilla have removed my predispositions of casper-esque skin tones and geographic positioning of Oklahoma to open the door wie open to the world of hip hop.

I no longer have to wait for 106 and Park to deem an mc listenable or some mixtape to make it to the desk of a record exec.

I can listen, I can discover. I can approve.

The Internet is an enabler.

Its been a little over a week and as much as I question how I had never heard of XV prior to my first goodmusicallday visit, its how nearly no one else has heard of the Wichita rapper that metaphorically keeps me up at night.

As of Friday the kid with the green backpack did two things.

  1. He dropped a new mixtape.
  2. He made me uncomfortable.

As a well conditioned product of this digital age, its nothing new to get a cd for free.. The guilt set in halfway into the 15-track mixtape ZeroHeroes. I just didn’t feel right that he gave away something so good.


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