un idioma diferente

I blame it on my sister because of the time when I was just a baby that she had me in her lap and my head hit the front windshield when the vehicle came to a stop.

That has to be it. That has to be why I don’t process things normally. Because I don’t process things normally, the finished product follows the same lines.

If I have lost you, which I assume I have, my latest class project should make the anecdote relevant.

We were tasked to create a video. It could be a video resume. It could be a commercial. It could be a sample newscast. It could be a lot of things.

I could have created a commercial for Greek life using IFC’s HD camcorder or the hours of B-roll I have already shot. I could have. I could have taken the logical route but I didn’t. I didn’t even touch the HD camcorder. That all would have made sense.

Instead, I made a commercial for a fictional napkin company with nothing but still shots.

I have common sense. It is just in a different language.

I liked it.



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  1. The simplicity of this is fantastic! I thought it was really clever =]

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