walk a mile

I am a loyalist.

American Revolution references aside, once I find something I like I go with it. Exhibit A: the banner to my blog.

For the past 3 years the center of my footwear faithfulness has been the Sperry Top-Sider. Since its introduction in 1935, the boat shoe has been popularized by sailing enthusiasts, seasoned frat stars and presidential icons alike.

Due to a longstanding distain for the sock, Sperrys are a perfect fit for me. Beyond the nonexistent prerequisite of cotton footing, I do enjoy the undeniably classic styling of the leather shoe and the Kennedy endorsement doesn’t hurt.

Its relevance in nearly every social situation has made it both the go-to shoe and a practically impossible inanimate pairing to part with, which is why I don’t. The  daily wear and tear combined with constant use may be the reason for a pair’s inevitable demise but it is also why I can’t bring myself to sentence them to the plastic-lined fate of a trashcan.

I buy a new pair and retire the old one to the corner of my closet. Its how it should be.

I am a loyalist.


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