I am an idealist who views the sky as only a literal limit but even I can’t genuinely say that I am ready for National Public Radio.

My first podcast is done. Good, bad or ugly it has been released for all of the world to hear.

The hills are alive with sound of me obnoxiously gnawing on a carrot. Ok maybe not the hills, but at least every inbox my mother has electronically submitted it to.

Storytelling is nothing new to me. Doing it well though is a relatively novel focus.

An informal verbal transaction is the most comfortable means due to the generally relaxed nature associated with this form of exchange but during the past six years I have become comfortable with the written tale.

In my experience with print, my biggest focus in utilizing quotes was the context. During the podcast process not only did I have to factor in context of quotes but the quality of the actual recording.

Prior to the production of “coed contradiction” I have never had to worry about what else the recorder picked up. Gunshots, blown speakers, starting engines and other ambient distractions were just momentary inconveniences that did not play much of a role in regards to the inverted pyramid sent to the presses.

It was a bit surreal to have to pass on a response during editing due to the simple crack of a coke can or auditory calling cards of fraternity house shenanigans.

There is a certain level of awareness necessary in the interview for a podcast, which should develop with time and practice.

The only other notable aspect as result of this initial attempt at podcast perfection was the listening to my voice on constant playback.

You would think that for someone that loves to talk so much, that it would not be difficult to stomach their own voice.

Feel free to lend me your ear for the test run. Its’ pleasantness ranges somewhere between that of nails on a chalkboard during a hangover and hearing The Beatles for the first time.


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