a real page turner

Spend a day with me and my greatest passion in life should be fairly evident, storytelling.  It started simple enough as a child laying on the floor while my grandmother told me about her upbringing. Since those long afternoons, my passion has evolved into a near obsession with spending the rest of my life in pursuit of the story.

Go ahead and say it. I know you are thinking it. Wanting to be a storyteller is a cop-out. It’s a joke of a career. It just my way of avoiding the real world, a real job and real responsibility. Enjoy.

While you laugh at the potential or lack thereof at a future in the trafficking of stories, I am inspired by the swing of a bat, the smell of a third-generation family recipe and the emotion in a wedding proposal.

Storytelling is an art that has existed longer than you can remember and will continue on.

Electronic communication simply aids in the evolution. There will always be a certain beauty in the hand-written diary but blogs, tweets and the like are becoming the most popular avenue of delivery.

Aside from the novelty of these options they serve an important role in storytelling. These electronic printing presses allow almost any individual to share what they please and how they please.  Forget Twitter’s 140 characters cap or YouTube’s minute maximum because electronic communication is fairly limitless.

Vocal, viral or visual, it is up to the discretion of the messenger.



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