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Taking a 2000 level class as a 22-year-old is one thing when the class is filled with a diverse mix of 200 something Oklahoma State students. Its another thing when that class is required for the major and consists of about 20 primarily freshmen and sophomores.

I am 22 not 55 but its weird when your peers are referencing classes from the previous semester and it has been 3 years since you took ’em. I’d say there is a tad bit of shame that I didn’t get these classes taken care of earlier on. That shame quickly disappears anytime I think about being 21 in Vegas last summer.

This may seem hateful but its not. Just observing an honest difference.

A lot of electronic communication was a refresher either from collegiate courses or high school undertakings so a lot of it wasn’t new to me with the exception of Adobe Fireworks.

Instead of necessarily learning something new, what I took away was an important reminder. Practice makes perfect.

Ok, you hear it a million times but until the age-old cliche is applied it doesn’t mean anything.

Just because I had experience with iMovie as a junior in high school doesn’t mean it translates as a junior in college. Aside from Fireworks none of it was new exposure but opening up iMovie for the first time in years made me feel like the black sheep of the E*TRADE baby’s family.

You learn quickly in Stillwater that letterman jackets have as much of a place in your daily wardrobe as a a cap and gown. Guess, same goes for high school experience unless you have furthered it since.


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Not that I am ever in admiration of someone else’s work but…

there are three portfolio website I have happened upon that are deserving of admiration.

1) CreativeFeed

This B2B branding firm is “the bridge between Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue.” The site is simple and more importantly has direct focus. The portfolio is attractively embeded but instead of within the first page it is down the line and the company’s role is center stage. The work is pointless until they establish its purpose and thats exactly what is done.

2) Jason Siefe

The color scheme bothers me but in fairness I have been conditioned to accept nothing less than orange to be paired with black. The layout works though. A short bio compliments the oversized thumbnails, which displays a diverse body of work. First impressions are crucial and this one has the visitor craving for more.

3) Maurice Krijtenberg

A picture may be worth a 1,000 words but even without his work on initial display this photographer is sending a message. His homepage is creative and is a testament to his work being founded in design as well as photography. It sets a tone for his site and body work with the concept he offers first.

Once again the focus is more than just the photography. Although it is still clean the design works well with the photography and consistency is continued with his upper body presence preserved throughout the site. He could focus on nothing more than the photos. He could.

The he would blend in like everyone else.

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open doors

The Internet is an enabler.

Why pay for cable? You can just stream Netflix or Hulu.

Why subscribe to a newspaper? You can scan every major headline plus watch Charlie Sheen’s newest tiger blood rant quicker than it takes to wrap up in a robe and pick up the Sunday paper.

Why buy an actual cd? You can download every song on the Billboard Top 100 without even knowing where your credit card is.

The Internet is an enabler.

Why confine yourself to the cinematic restrictions of the local video store shelves? You can buy movies and never struggle with the plastic packaging again.

Why limit yourself to the bias of a single morning paper. You can justify your one-sided views with articles from dailies across the nation.

Why listen to some over played MTV hit? You can discover a new artist before they are the hit.

Although the Internet has its flaws, there is a silver lining. Thanks to the Internet and blogs like dumbrasontherock, rapradar, goodmusicallday and the maskedguerilla have removed my predispositions of casper-esque skin tones and geographic positioning of Oklahoma to open the door wie open to the world of hip hop.

I no longer have to wait for 106 and Park to deem an mc listenable or some mixtape to make it to the desk of a record exec.

I can listen, I can discover. I can approve.

The Internet is an enabler.

Its been a little over a week and as much as I question how I had never heard of XV prior to my first goodmusicallday visit, its how nearly no one else has heard of the Wichita rapper that metaphorically keeps me up at night.

As of Friday the kid with the green backpack did two things.

  1. He dropped a new mixtape.
  2. He made me uncomfortable.

As a well conditioned product of this digital age, its nothing new to get a cd for free.. The guilt set in halfway into the 15-track mixtape ZeroHeroes. I just didn’t feel right that he gave away something so good.

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un idioma diferente

I blame it on my sister because of the time when I was just a baby that she had me in her lap and my head hit the front windshield when the vehicle came to a stop.

That has to be it. That has to be why I don’t process things normally. Because I don’t process things normally, the finished product follows the same lines.

If I have lost you, which I assume I have, my latest class project should make the anecdote relevant.

We were tasked to create a video. It could be a video resume. It could be a commercial. It could be a sample newscast. It could be a lot of things.

I could have created a commercial for Greek life using IFC’s HD camcorder or the hours of B-roll I have already shot. I could have. I could have taken the logical route but I didn’t. I didn’t even touch the HD camcorder. That all would have made sense.

Instead, I made a commercial for a fictional napkin company with nothing but still shots.

I have common sense. It is just in a different language.

I liked it.


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friends in low places

It hasn’t even really been a week and I’m already late to the party.

The party may be on the same level as a seventh grade dance at the local convent but none the less here are my views on the latest Internet craze.

In about a week, Rebecca Black has gone from some pimple popping teenage girl infected with Bieber fever to some pimple popping teenage girl infected with Bieber fever and a YouTube video with 58 million views and counting.

In case you haven’t seen the pubescent songstress’s work, consider yourself lucky.

She does deserve much of the criticism but there is the line. Wishing her to develop an eating disorder equals the line.

What has the girl done? Aside from making a terribly annoying song that will haunt you in your sleep?

On the surface, she damned us to an endless sentence of her vocal lesson on the days of the week. Deeper than that, she made an investment with  an unforeseen return rate to make Donald Trump envious.

With a check  to ARK Productions for a couple grand they produced a video that has been the topic of conversation on every radio morning show, Johnny Carson inspired time slot and office cooler from Atlanta to Seattle. More importantly she proved the power of viral videos and that reaching people isn’t always done with super bowl commercials and million-dollar budgets.

Hate all you want, but a million bucks in iTunes sales isn’t bad for a girl without a learner’s permit.

She also opened the door for parodies. While these parodies can be produced by any nit wit with access to a MacBook, some talented few are turning the heroin esque song into a tolerable three minutes.

This isn’t Mitch, Davis, Taylor or Weston’s first rodeo on the video sharing giant but it is a trash to treasure story this time.

Their covers are typically of songs I already enjoy such as The Dance, No Diggity and My Girl/Ignition/My Humps but making Friday enjoyable is an accomplishment worthy of storming the court.

At first, I thought I would hate Rebecca Black forever, but I guess if her “song” can get my friends some well-deserved attention then I am fine with it all. I just better not see some clip of Gundy’s phone going off during a press conference with Rebecca Black as his ringtone.

If you like their stuff, which I am sure you will, here is their channel.

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a separate peace

As a baby, I would never go to sleep as long I thought someone was still awake.

I was afraid of missing the action. Afraid of being left out.

Depending on who you ask, that has never changed.

In my pursuit of becoming a story teller one of my greatest struggles has been with the ability to remove myself when necessary.

The concept of removing myself is foreign to my nature but I am learning.

The Old School Bagel Cafe story was a step.

I’ll get there one day.

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fresh from the oven

American streets are littered with chain restaurants that value napkin efficiency higher than customer satisfaction.

Old School Bagel Cafe is not one of those restaurants.

Bill and Shelley, thank you is an understatement.

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